Monday, March 19, 2007

Rock The Boat

Shoalwater Port Bow

I finally got my boat! I've been waiting anxiously for a couple of months for it to be ready, and I picked it up weekend before last. I truly believe it was worth the wait. Even though bad weather messed up the water all week, I still managed to catch a few fish. Most importantly, I got a chance to get to know the boat. It's no bass boat, thats for sure. It handles completely differently than my bass boat, and it seems perfectly suited for our bay.

Shoalwater Port Stern

Our house is on Carancahua Bay. The big storms that rolled through last week had the water looking like chocolate milk. I had fun running around the bay, but only managed to catch a few catfish and a couple of stingrays. I had to go all the way out to Espiritu Santo Bay to find clean water. I'm glad I did, though. We caught a couple of keeper trout and a nice redfish. I lost the biggest trout I have ever seen when it broke my line. I got it all the way up to the boat, and was reaching for my net when he decided that he had enough. Not before I got a good look at him, though. He must have been about 25 inches long! I wish I could have landed him to snap a picture. I probably would have let him go.

I think its going to be a great season - especially now that I can get to where the fish are!