Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Floundering Around

The Memorial weekend boat traffic on Carancahua Bay was unusually high this year. The weather was quite decent for a change, so I guess this weekends traffic was the expression of a lot of pent-up desire to do some serious fishing. I went through 40 gallons of gas in three days searching all of my fishing holes for a little unencumbered fishing. I was dismayed to find two or three boats stacked on all of my favorite spots, and jet-skiis buzzing around like angry mosquitos every where I went. I caught myself on more than one occasion getting frustrated, but then I had to remind myself that at least I wasn't working. You know what they say, "A bad day of fishing is far better than a good day of work". Amen. Ain't that the truth.

We actually did pretty good. The flounder were biting well. I managed to get a half-dozen keepers in the box before the weekend was out. I think we lost at least a dozen more. The cow-nose rays were busy chasing bait, and the dolphins were working over-time. My neighbors even caught a couple of small sharks from their pier -- a very rare occurance in our waters.

A quick look at my calendar revealed that the flounder started up this same time last year, and the year before. I think I detect a pattern emerging... The reds shouldn't be far behind!

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